Product Orders

How long does it normally take to deliver orders made via this website?

Within 1 week unless required sooner.


How long do the black polymesh mats last?

If maintained well – i.e. kept clean and restitched every 3-5 years – they should last up to 8-10 years. 

How long do the trampoline frames last?

Under normal conditions, our high quality galvanised steel frames should last anything between 10-20 years and more.  We often receive incredible stories of our trampoline frames still in good condition and being used by a 3rd generation of jumpers (that’s getting close to the 40-45 year mark!)

Which are the bouncier trampolines?

If you want more bounce, look at the trampolines with the longer springs (25.4 cm / 10″).  The Jumbo trampoline provides a great bounce for trampoline enthusiasts and gymnasts. 

Trampoline Safety

Do you provide any basic information for safe jumping with your products?

Yes, we provide warning stickers and pamphlets on basic jumping technique with our trampoline products when they are purchased.