About Us

Trampoline Supplies in Nundah, Brisbane, grew out of  a growing demand for trampoline products in the 1970s and has never looked back.  These sturdy and durable trampoline products are made out of the highest quality materials available and are built to last.  They suit Australian environmental conditions and are designed for ease of assembly, impact endurance and longevity.  

The trampolines are manufactured by Nundah Industries Pty Ltd and are the traditional rectangular model, with variations.  We routinely review the engineering, construction and finishing of our trampoline products so that they are not only a good looking, well grounded and well proportioned product but easy to assemble and maintain, and able to endure continuous impact on the frame and material components.  We are committed to manufacturing high quality products, and are one of the few trampoline suppliers in Australia who manufacture their own products and do not import trampolines or sell imported trampolines.  All of our trampoline parts and accessories are standard stock items and readily available .

Customer relations and customer service is important to us for maintaining open communication with the public.  All feedback on our products is taken seriously and we aim to satisfy customer queries and requests.  We have an excellent track record of returning customers and new customers by recommendation.  Our trampoline products are sold direct from the factory and mainly distributed to customers in the eastern Australian States.